Manufacture of measuring devices - Controls


Depending on the needs of control products in mass production we designs and manufacture controls and various measuring devices for controlling the tolerance rates on the products.







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Services machining


We offer our clients the services machining:Deckel-Maho-DMU-80-Monoblock

  • 3 and 5 axis HSC milling
  • EDM eroding
  • circular and surface grinding
  • polishing
  • assembly tools


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During or after completed design we can create a unique working prototype:

  • Presentation or volumetric prototypes01
  • Stylistic prototypes
  • A functional prototypes
  • The function prototypes
  • Mounting prototypes
  • Prototypes to validate the design





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Construction and making of complex mold tools



We construct and produce complex thermoplastic tools:

  • prototype tools in aluminum or steel
  • serial tools independently in sizes up to 800×600
  • serial tools in cooperation with the cooperators of size 800×600
  • serial tools for multi-component injection molding




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